iPad Class

Week 1 - Intro & Reference Material

iPhone Tips
iPad Tips Mobile device FAQ
Spotlight Search
More iPad Settings
More iPhone settings
iPad User Guide
iPhone User Guide
Initial iPad or iPhone Settings
iOS 11 New features

Week 2 - The Internet

The Safari Browser
Using the Internet
Saving links or Web sites

Week 3 - Email, Messaging & Texting

All about email and texting
The Email App
Email attachments
Traveling with a mobile device
How to use Find My Friends
Gmail Labels and Filters

Week 4 - All about Apps

Using the App Store
My Favorite Apps
Using the Jigsaw Puzzle App
Using the free Documents 5 App
Documents 5 Help PDF
Documents 5 App Help site
Kindle App Guide

Week 5 - Photo Class

Photo Class and mobile devices
iCloud Photo Library
iCloud Photo Library FAQ
Working with Photo Class
Syncing photos
How "My Photo Stream" works
Share photos with Family Sharing
Using the camera
Using Free Snapseed App
PhotoGene App $2.99 and worth it
Google Photo Class

Week 6 - Music

Guide to the Music App
Transferring Music to a Mobile device
Playing music
How to rip a Music CD

Week 7 - Misc Topics

Working with PDF files
Copying movie DVDs to your PC
Apple Resources
Using Siri
Using iTunes

Week 8 - Transferring Media

Transferring Media to and from a Mobile Device
Using the Syncios Program
Using Cloud services
Using Google Drive

More Topics

Free tutorials at Lynda.com
How to Block or Unblock a caller
Check battery usage
Make a call with Wi-Fi
Using Find My Phone
Keychain tips
Printing from an iOS device
Complete Guide to Gmail
The iPad, iPhone and Raw Files
Identity Theft
Google search

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