Windows Class

Week 1 - Windows 10 Overview

Using the Start Menu
Windows 10 Start Menu Alternative
Personalizing Windows
The Desktop
Windows keyboard Shortcuts
Using Apps vs. Applications
The Taskbar
Account types
Microsoft Store Appointment Desk
Great tips site
Important Windows Skills
Windows 10 Free Upgrade
Windows 10 FAQ, Over 140 questions
How to tell which version you have
How to give your PC a meaningful name
The Windows Settings App and Control Panel
Default Apps
More about Default Apps

Week 2 - All about storage

How to give your hard drives a name
Using File Explorer
How to check the storage on your hard drive
How to tell what's taking up space with TreeSize free
Using an External Hard Drive
File names and extensions
Copying & Moving Files & Folders
Using the Disk Management tool
Free File Syncing tool

Week 3 - Backup, Restore & Recovery

Backing up you PC
Using File History
Macrium Reflect Free
Using Macrium Reflect
Backing up made simple
Restoring and System Restore
Using the Win 10 Reset feature
Create a Password Reset Disc
How to boot from a USB Flash drive

Week 4 - Working with Media

Playing DVDs with VLC
Working with videos
Working with PDF files
Working with Zip files
Transfer photos & videos to and from a mobile device
Using Google Photos
Bring back the Windows Photo Viewer
Burning CDs with free software
How to rip a CD
Burn Music CDs with Windows Media Player
Resizing videos
Extract movies from a DVD

Week 5 - Utilities & Downloading

What are Portable Apps?
Safe downloading - use
Working with Zip files
My Favorite Windows Tools
Undelete files with Recuva Free
Installing and Uninstalling programs
Patch My PC

Week 6 - Using a Scanner

Introduction to Scanning

Week 7 - Security & the Internet

Using 2-step verification
Security Tools
Windows Survival Guide
Browsing tips
Using Print Friendly
Portable Browsers
Malware Removal Programs
More Malware Removers
Identity Theft
Resetting your Microsoft Account password
What is SmartScreen
What does "Run as Administrator" mean

Week 8 - Cloud Services & Searching

Using Cloud Services
Sharing files and folders
Using GoogleDrive
GoogleDrive & Google Docs Video
Link to GoogleDrive

Misc. Topics

Windows 10 Creators Update available here
What's new in the Creators Update
Using "Open-with" vs "Send-to"
Change what closing the lid on your laptop does
Enabling Hibernation
Hibernate versus Sleep
Fast Startup
Image Resizer
Winkey + X
Guide to Gmail
Updating drivers - what not to do
New Quick Assist tool
More Windows 10 tips