Jan 182016

Can you use OneDrive without signing into your PC with a Microsoft?

Yes you can!

As you may already know, you can sign into a Windows 10 PC with a Local Account or a Microsoft Account. To tell which one you have just open your Settings by pressing the Windows key and the letter I and click the Account icon. If you see something like the following on your screen you have a Microsoft Account.

If you are using a Local Account you will see something similar but it will say Manage my Local Account.

It’s possible to have a Local Account and still use OneDrive. If you are using a Local account and want to use OneDrive, just press the Windows key and type OneDrive. If it opens, you are already using it. If it asks to to sign in, you have two choices as follows:

  1. Use an existing Microsoft account to sign in to OneDrive
  2. Go to the Microsoft sign-in page here and click Signup now as shown below

  3. Once you’ve created the account you can use the username and password to sign into OneDrive.

Note: should you want to change from a Local account to a Microsoft account you can use these same credentials.