Jan 192016

Here’s what Microsoft says:

When you set up your Microsoft account across your devices and services, the things that matter most to you – like people, documents, photos, and settings – follow you on whatever devices you’re using. Your Microsoft account lets you flow freely from task to task and make the most of every moment. It not only gives you access to Microsoft services, but also makes them work together in a way that’s all about you.

You can also login to your OneDrive account and click the icon in the upper left as shown below and use the online Microsoft Office for free. Note – you can do this from anywhere.

 (click icon to go to OneDrive)

After clicking the icon shown above, you have free access to any of the Applications shown below.

The link here allows you to sign in or to create a new account. You can use this account to sign into OneDrive and get 5GB of free storage even if you don’t sign in to your PC with a Micsoft account but use a local account instead.

You can even do this without a PC and use OneDrive on your mobile devices.