Dec 272015

Sometimes you just click something and accidentally set up a recurring PayPal payment.  To check yours, just follow the steps below.

  1. Log into PayPal
  2. Click the Settings Gear at the upper right
  3. Scroll down and select Pre-Approved Payments

Below is a sample of what Pre-Approved payments look like.


When you see one with an Active status, just click on it to review the details. There usually is a way to cancel it at the bottom of the page as shown below. Cancel Subscription means to cancel any further payments.


You can also see if you’re logged in for a long period as follows:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Click the gear icon.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Click Edit next to “Stay logged in for faster purchases”.
  5. Click Log Out Everywhere.

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