Jan 122016

Taking and Saving Screen Captures

There are various methods as follows:

  • Using the Windows Snipping Tool
    • You can create a shortcut to this program as follows:
      1. Open the Start menu, click All Apps and scroll down to Windows Accessories and open the menu
      2. Right-click the Snipping Tool and choose More, Open file location and click Properties
      3. Right-click the Snipping Tool program
      4. Select the Shortcut tab and click in the Shortcut key box
      5. Press any key combination to select your shortcut. In the picture below I selected Shift+F5

  • Using a program such as SnagIt
    • SnagIt has a setting that lets you choose the default hot key. It’s usually Printscreen. You may have to open its preferences to select this.
  • Use a free program such as Jing available here or Greenshot available here. From reading about them Jing looks much better.
  • Pressing Winkey + Printscreen captures the entire screen and places a copy on the Clipboard and in your user profile under Pictures, Screenshots.
    • If you have dual monitors and will capture both screens. SnagIt and the Snipping Tool can do this also.
  • You can take screen shots without any installed program as follows:
    • Pressing the Printscreen button will copy an picture of the Desktop to the Windows Clipboard
    • Using Alt+Printscreen will copy an picture of the active window only to the Windows Clipboard
  • To make it more interesting both Dropbox and OneDrive have options to save the screenshots to their folders
    • This only works if you do not have any screen capture running on your PC – but – you can only enables this in one of the programs only
    • For OneDrive, right-click the icon in the lower right, click Settings and go to the Auto save tab. The setting is at the bottom
    • For Dropbox, right-click the icon and click the gear in the upper right. Go to the import tab and choose your settings.
    • See the video below

Note: If you do not see the OneDrive or Dropbox icons, click the Up Arrow to expose all of the icons as shown below.

Final notes:

To test your Printscreen method, perform a screen capture, Open the Paint Program and click the Paste icon.
For a free Clipboard Manager try the ArsClip program from here. Look for the link as shown below.