Jan 132016

Using Crashplan

Crashplan can be used for the following for free. It involves installing Crashplan on your PC and any other PC’s that you would like to include. The software is available from here¬†and their plans are compared here.

  • Backup your files and folders to an external hard drive
  • Backup your files and folders to any PC on your home network
  • Allow another PC on your home network to backup to your PC
  • Backup to a friends and vice versa PC over the Internet

If you want to backup to their Cloud, you must subscribe for $5/month. You can see their pricing¬†here. Although the video below was created on a Mac, it’s similar on a PC.

If you are looking for a free data backup this may be right for you. If I had to choose between Carbonite and Crashplan I’d choose Crashplan, mainly since you can backup external drives without any extra cost.

There’s another tutorial here.

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